2019 A Life Well Lived Compact Christian Day Planner



 The A Life Well Lived Message... Plant - Plan - Manage - Disciple.

  • The A Life Well Lived message is to plant wholesome, life-enriching thoughts in your mind each day. The best time to do this is the first hour of each day. Henry Ward Beecher said "the first hour is the 'golden hour' and rudder for the day." It is important to set a good tone for each day and build on that positive momentum. 
  • Zig Ziglar has coined the phrase "If you aim at nothing, you'll hit it every time." Planning is important and we believe that placing Christ in the middle of planning is even more important. Seek God's direction in planning, goal settting, and prioritizing your daily tasks. 
  • As Christians, we should be a good steward of the time that God gives us. Time is a blessing! We should cherish it, celebrate it, be productive with it, and manage it to the best of our ability. 
  • The essence of our purpose and God's plan for our life is to share Him with others so that they have salvation. Learn about the life of Christ, grow your relationship with Him, and share His story and your testimony with others. Be a light in the world in all that you do.


The A Life Well Lived  "5.5 Compact" day planner (pages include January 1 through December 31, Intro, Index and other supplemental pages) is printed in black and white, spiral bound* and features a clear plastic sheet over the front cover and a vinyl rear cover. It is the perfect carry along companion and makes a terrific gift! It's our most requested planner.


Planner Includes:

  • (2) A Life Well Lived bookmarks with the Seven Steps of Discipleship model that provides you with  practical and powerful daily Christian life management guidance and daily routine. 
  • Reference page of all U.S. and Christian holidays. 
  • 365 effective daily planner pages with Scripture and devotional content, Bible-In-One-Year daily Scripture references, prayer journaling area, scheduling area, and daily action steps/tasks area toward fulfilling personal goals.  
  • Month At A Glance with Master Tasks List and Month In Review page for each month. 
  • Guide for Creating A Personal Mission Statement (Index I). 
  • Life Areas & Goal Setting Exercise (Index II). 
  • Reference For Ideas On Life Area Action Steps (Index III). 
  • Reference For Ideas On Acts Of Kindness (Index IV). 

*Binding may be slightly different than shown in photo.





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