2019 A Life Well Lived Compact Christian Day Planner and Journal Combo



We encourage everyone to use the A Life Well Lived planner & prayer journal set each day. Therefore, we are making this combo pack offer which will allow you to enjoy the benefits of both at a discounted price. Consider buying an extra set for a family member or friend. Share the experience together while holding one another accountable for personal development and spiritual growth throughout the year. You'll be equipped for the A Life Well Lived experience when you have these two 5.5" x 8.5" booklets. We would simply encourage the A Life Well Lived training in addition to these two time management and spiritual growth tools. 

Here's what you'll receive with this combo: 


    • (2) A Life Well Lived bookmarks with the Seven Steps of Discipleship model that provides you with practical and powerful daily Christian life management guidance and daily routine.
    • Reference page of all U.S. and Christian holidays.
    • 365 effective daily planner pages with Scripture and devotional content, Bible-In-One-Year daily Scripture references, prayer journaling area, scheduling area, and daily action steps/tasks area toward fulfilling personal goals.
    • Month At A Glance with Master Tasks List and Month In Review page for each month.
    • Guide for Creating A Personal Mission Statement (Index I).
    • Life Areas & Goal Setting Exercise (Index II).
    • Reference For Ideas On Life Area Action Steps (Index III).
    • Reference For Ideas On Acts Of Kindness (Index IV).

Prayer Journal:

  • This is a compact easy-to-carry 5.5” x 8.5” (printed b&w) booklet. Our prayer journal is an integral part of the A Life Well Lived “Seven Steps of Discipleship” method. As you use your A Life Well Lived planner, utilize this prayer journal to copy your Scripture verses, write them in your own words, and write the commitment to put the truth you’ve learned into action. 
  • This journal is also a great tool for: 
  1. Taking notes at Church sermons, in Sunday School, and other learning events. 
  2. Writing your prayers for others and journaling your Spiritual growth.


Note: Binding may be slightly different than shown in photo. 

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